It's hard to make a confession without making a threat, but there are a lot of people in bensalem that have hurt me, my friends, or someone innocent, without cause, and i'm afraid of the day those kids want revenge. What I'm trying to say is, grow up, Bensalem.
I used to have a lot of issues. I was on drugs, I drank all the time, & I cut myself. I've been off of drugs & alcohol for a year & a half. But I can't stop cutting myself. Now that I don't have the other two to lean on, I'm solely relying on the blade to get me through the day.
I can't get over why people are so against gay marriage. No special rights would be given to them, only the same ones as straight couples get. Churches would not be forced to perform gay weddings. It's not like the LGBT community is asking for more than the shared bank accounts and the nifty sheet of paper that says "I belong to someone, and they belong to me." Nobody's threatening anybody into doing anything Long story short, if you don't like the idea of gay marriage, don't get one. Let the people who want them be happy, they won't bother you.
I'm constantly imagining things. I run through little scenarios over and over again in my head. If I don't like a decision I've made, I will go through the alternate outcomes of the situation. I re-live dreams. I whisper to myself, sing, dance, whatever. It's like I'm playing make-believe all the time.
I'm bulimic. And sometimes wish I was anorexic instead.
I feel like sometimes at school the other girls stare at my boobies and think that they are too big and I'm too short to have they and other times I straightup feel like a bear
I'm a 17 year old virgin. I can't seem to get over the fact that I constantly think about sex. I don't mention it to anyone, but when I get bored in class, I think about sex. In the shower, making something in the kitchen, walking over to my cousins' house to babysit. I'm starting to wonder if it's some sort of mental disorder.


    Everyone has secrets. Some are pretty deep. If you want to get a secret off of your chest, or confess something and still remain totally anonymous, this is the place to do it. You can put your secret or confession on a picture, or you can just type it and send it in. I can put it on a picture for you if you want me to, just mention it when submitting. Submit them here.


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